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It's all about the agricultural utilisation of organic waste through compost worms for us.

Dr. Quintern started 2007 with 20 buckets of compost worms and about 2,000 tons of organic waste. Today, the commercial worm composting facilities he planned and partly founded process approximately 200,000 tons of organic waste annually, producing more than 4 trillion compost worms and yielding about 50,000 tons of worm castings annually.

The largest facility processes up to 120,000 tons annually, equivalent to approximately 328,000 kg of organic waste daily. In comparison, 2,000 worms in a Hungry Bin worm farm at home can process up to 2 kg per day, about 700 kg of organic waste annually.

Michael Quintern's TEDx Talk

For more videos about worm composting on YouTube

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