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Concepts for Agriculture and Horticulture

We take care of your operational organic residues such as:

  • Agricultural manure (stable manure and dewatered liquid manure)

  • Plant and fruit waste

  • Dewatered residues from biogas plants

  • Municipal and industrial organic waste

These organic wastes can be recycled into worm castings in vermicomposting facilities (worm farms). We are happy to work with you to plan the utilisation of organic waste in a worm farm for your operation.

We are also available to advise you on activating the soil life on your land. Our goal is to increase your soil's organic matter content and quality. Where crop rotations and soil management practices alone are insufficient for the formation of new soil humus, earthworms and worm castings contribute to improving soil properties and fertility.

Do you have questions? Would you like information? Contact us or visit our website for consultation:

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