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Concepts for Industry and Community

We offer regional concepts for industrial vermicomposting of organic waste, such as:

  • Organic waste from offices, schools, and kindergartens, including paper towels

  • Canteen and paper waste from hotels, restaurants, and companies

  • Fiber waste from paper factories

  • Sludge from dairies

  • Organic waste from food processing industries

  • Residues from biogas plants

  • Sewage sludge

In contrast to conventional hot composting, vermicomposting is more cost-effective and less environmentally burdensome. Earthworms are specialised in moist organic waste, eliminating the need for energy-intensive drying of organic waste. The volume reduction from organic waste to vermicompost of up to 80% saves transportation costs and is environmentally friendly.

The high-quality vermicompost is easy to handle and is preferred in the region. There is high demand, especially in intensive agriculture, horticulture, and nurseries. Vermicompost is sought in parks, private gardens, and potting soils: mineral fertilisers are saved, natural soil fertility is improved, and groundwater is protected.

Additionally, we accompany projects for in-situ soil remediation and decontamination using earthworms. In contaminated soils, earthworms provide a natural soil decontamination and detoxification method. This cost-effective process takes several years but prevents soils from being disposed of in landfills or possibly requiring chemical treatment.

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